The Best States for Medicare in 2021

Evaluating Medicare plan options in each state

In this project, we determine where Medicare beneficiaries have access to the widest range of quality private Medicare plans at the most affordable prices. To do this, we compared plan data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the 50 states across measures of affordability, availability, quality, and popularity.

Each State's Top Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

which states fall deepest into COVID-19 paranoia, and the top conspiracy theories nationwide

Using Google search data, we identified the most popular COVID-19 conspiracy theory in each state, and we found which states are home to the highest number of “coronavirus truthers.” We found at least 25% of Americans see at least some truth in the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus pandemic is a planned event.

Americans Agree: 2020 Was the Worst Year in a Lifetime

A survey exploring the top factors affecting Americans' quality of life

We asked 1,812 adults aged 18 and older to identify the worst year of their life, and 2020 topped the list. Nearly 1 out of 3 people chose 2020 as the worst year they’ve experienced, which was the highest rate for any year selected. Most respondents cited losing a loved one or financial hardship as the main factors for choosing their worst year and only 6% of all respondents said they were currently living their "best life".

7 in 10 Medicare Beneficiaries Don't Understand Their Coverage

Medicare confusion can lead to surprise bills and poor health care choices

We polled 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries about everything from Medicare enrollment and benefits to simple terms and definitions. Nearly 7 out of 10 Medicare beneficiaries agreed that Medicare insurance is confusing and difficult to understand

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